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For and by fellow students

The OSD is an organization by and for fellow students that focuses on the support of two main groups: the VUB students and VUB organizations.

The OSD was created with the original aim to make knowledge and information available to students at the VUB. We started by unifying the different study materials of the different organizations.. Even today remains one of the main activities. Students can use this userfriendly platform to buy printed summaries, readers, slides, … for a low price.

However, the OSD does more than that. It also supports the various VUB organizations. Through the press-work service we offer posters, flyers, promotional material, printed textile… at reasonable prices. Beside, the OSD also provides an overview of all activities taking places at the university. Moreover, organizers can easily manage online registrations or sell tickets and drink vouchers through our events platform. By doing so, we reduce the queues at the cash register at various party’s, lectures, dinerparty’s …

Study materials

The study materials include summaries, readers, slides, exam questions and so on for VUB students.

Press services

Textiles, posters, flyers, promotional materials, … can be printed at advantageous prices. Name it, we make it


Besides receiving an overview of the upcoming VUB activities, you have the opportunity to buy tickets online.


Buy or re-sell your books? OSD offers logistic support!