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First Workshop with OSD

At VUB it happens every year: new teams of volunteers are formed to strive together towards a successful year. This is no different for OSD. On November 1 the board took part in a workshop “Appreciative inquiry” in which we searched for new opportunities and ideas for OSD.

OSD organizes various workshops for its members throughout the year. By doing so, we hope to mainly support our volunteers in keeping the OSD and the various services running smoothly. But the workshops also contribute to the preparation for a future career.

” A very nice and fun afternoon! We are all really different characters but fit together in one way or another. Now we can really get started” – Juna, Finance

In this first workshop the focus lay mainly on creating a team and a positive working atmosphere.

Why “appreciative inquiry”?

Appreciative inquiry (AI) is a tried-and-tested method for creating opportunities in organizations. It is based on positive psychology and contains 2 elements:

  1. Appreciation: we work with positive impressions, success factors, assets
  2. Inquiry: we go on a search together and ask positive questions

In every organization there are things that are already well underway and work. In this Workshop, these elements are examined, strengthened and built on. Focusing on the positive things costs less energy and is more pleasant than to eliminate shortages. Negative elements are not dismissed, but since one can not deal with everything, in this method only the positive elements are chosen. OSD prefers to think in terms of opportunities and possibilities, not in terms of limitations.

” It was a really really fun day!” – Esther, Cursusdienst

How does it work?

After we got to know each other a bit better, we worked on OSD as an organization

  1. We looked with the team at what OSD has already achieved today
  2. Afterwards we went looking for a dream image of OSD: “What could OSD look like?” This also took into account personal dreams and ambitions
  3. We also defined what is needed to bring this dream image closer

The OSD team is already looking forward and ready to take the first steps in this direction.

” Productive afternoon that will help us with a good development of the future vision for OSD” – Floriano, New Vicepresident

_ _ _

This workshop was given by Max Pouille, General Coordinator at The Outsider Club. By having managed more than 70 volunteers for many years, Max has a lot of experience in creating a positive working atmosphere and in developing feasible objectives that fit within the overall strategy of an organization. – LinkedIn

November 7, 2018

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