Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Elsene (Building B)

About OSD

OSD has an annual board of approximately 13 permanent members. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations, such as opening the store, arranging orders and daily administration. Some of them are responsible for the services: training service, ticketing and printing. These managers are in contact with our partners and customers and are happy to answer any questions. After all, our store is kept open daily by our employees. These are volunteers who are elected from the student circles and are mainly responsible for the smooth operation and sale of course services and ticketing.

In addition to our regular members, OSD has various partners, given the different services that are offered.

The Overkoepelende StudentenDienst at the VUB

Een organisatie voor en door studenten

Our history

The OSD was born from a student initiative. Originally the intention was to unite the various course services at the VUB under one banner, but today we do much more than that.

Our team

The OSD team is re-elected annually and consists of several interesting positions. Feel free to come by to get to know our team, and maybe your photo will soon be on our website!

Our Partners

The good functioning of the OSD is due to the close cooperation with various partners. Each of them offers added value to our daily operations with their expertise.

Our services

The OSD tries to support students and student organizations at the VUB in their daily activities. To make this happen, we developed three specific services.