Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Elsene (Building B)

Our History

The OSD was created in 2011 buy a number of students who wanted to bring the different study materials of the different VUB organisations together. This initatiative was taken by the student community to provide study materials at student-friendly prices. At that time, the OSD was located next to the BSG-shop, where it could sells it's study materials. The purpose was to sell high quality product combined with a low delivery period.
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Jihaaa, we celebrate our first anniversary at the university and are relocated. OSD moves t triomflaan, 35 (next to the Colruyt). A new place with a new board and 20 volunteers who daily keeps the shop open from 12 to 14 as well as Monday from 16.30 to 18.30. OSD has the ambition to expand the number of study materials it offers. Therefore it provides the necessary support to the different organizations who collaborates with the OSD to make this happen.
Now is the time to consider and set up new projects and initiatives with the intention to offer more support to the university organizations. In the second half of the academic year a new service was created: the press-work service.
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Since 2014, the OSD created a events platform available to the various organizations of the VUB for the numerous events they organize, like TDs, galas, lectures,...
Need for change. To make it more cozy and provide a unique experience to students who come by, we have built a relay library. The principle is simple. You can either leave your books or articles (in good condition!) behind or take home one for free!