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Our Partners

Facultaire kringen

Since 2011, we have been expanding the course service together with the faculty student associations at the VUB. Together with their members and sympathizers, they provide qualitative summaries, exam questions or lesson notes. In addition, they regularly update the existing range, so that publications remain up to date. It is also the student associations that keep in touch with the professors and thus place readers and extra study material in the offer.

Do you have a summary, exam questions or lesson notes that could be useful for your fellow students? Send us an email or contact your student circle!

Andere partners

Scientia Est Potentia vzw (SEP) is a non-profit organization passionate about knowledge, entrepreneurship and digital transformations. We work with them for the development of our platforms and website.

The Stuff is our partner when it comes to printing. All products offered within the OSD print are designed in collaboration with TheStuff. So be sure to check their site for the offer or request a quote from OSD.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is the university within which our services are most often used. The range of course services is fully geared to the lessons given at the VUB.