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Our Partners

Faculty student organisations

Since 2011, we’ve set up a course platform together with our faculties’ student organisations. Their members and sympathisers upload course notes that have been checked for quality and we support them in providing these for you. We regularily check to make sure everything is still up to date. These same organisations also maintain contacts with your professors which can lead to their courses being available in full on our website.

Do you have course notes of any kind that might be of help to your fellow students? Send us an email directly or contact us through your student organisations!

Other partners

Scientia Est Potentia vzw (SEP) is a non-profit organisations that completely empassioned by providing knowledge, entrepreneurship and digital transformations. We cooperate with them for the development of our platforms and website.

The Stuff is our current “go to”-partner for everything involved in printing services. All products that are on offer within our printing division are designed and made in coordination with TheStuff. If you would like to see what we can offer you, feel free to check out their website or email us directly.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is the community that uses our services the most. The products on display are all fit to the needs of the courses given at the VUB.

Stay tuned about our partners