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For VUB-students

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In case you’re unable to find what your searching for via the map, don’t hesitate to comeby our offices! We look forward to helping you further. Curious when the start of the exams will take place in January? When are the vacation periods? Take a quick look on our academic calendar! We’ve already prepared an overview of the academic calender from next academic year. Might be of use any time!

Belangrijke platformen


Pointcarré is a platform that is used by professors and assistents to share their notes, slides or courses with their students. From time to time it is possible that you’ll have to register yourself via pointcarré for an oral exam. The login data is the same as your VUB-login.

Student Service

Via the ‘Student Service’-platform it is possible to enrol yourself for your courses at the start of the academic year. after the exams you’re able to consult your grades. Menu -> SelfService -> Enrolment -> My Grades.


Every professor, assistent or student has their own personal e-mailadres on the VUB webmail. Official mail communication is conducted through this channel. Are you searching for a certain adress? Take a quick look in the telephone book at the bottom of this page!

Hulp nodig bij je studies?


In the telephone book you’ll be able to find all the contact information from every professor, assistent of department at the VUB.


The “OMBUDSPERSON” handles all the complaints regarding eductional disputes. Via the adres, you’re allowed to communicate your complaints regarding general non-educational complaints or suggestions.


If you’re having problems with your educational progress, you can always contact the VUB study-mentors. To garantee a suitable accompaniment, each faculty has been assigend with its own study-mentor.


The official front pages for all your assignments, reports, papers, etc… can be downloaded here. Also, you’ll find the template for you powerpoint presentations!