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Our Services


Today the OSD offers serveral types of para-academic material: slides, summaries, exam questions, readers, additional articles and so on. In this way, students work together and support each other in their academic career. The material is collected and maintained by the student organizations in close cooperaction with the OSD.


The OSD offers an overview of the various events on and around the university. Both fun parties as interesting lectures will be announced this way. Quickly go to the website, order your ticket and pay by bank transfer or in our shop! Done with the long queue at the cash desk! Would you like to sell tickets through our platform? Feel free to contact us.


The OSD also offers a press service, in cooperation with TheStuff. Any product offered on can be ordered through the OSD. We even provide an additional discount. Besides that, you can also contact us for the design of your product. Afterwards you can pick up your order in our shop, as we save you a ride to the pick up center.