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Wil je op de hoogte blijven van events op de VUB? Of wil je zelf de inschrijvingen of tickets van je event verkopen? Neem zeker contact op!
  • Overview of upcoming events
  • Order online

  • Shorter queues at the ticket booth
  • Bring along less cash on the day itself

  • Manage your event online
  • Presale

  • Clear list of participants
  • Shorter Queues at your ticket booths


The OSD offers tickets for events on and around the VUB campus. Both the best parties and the most interesting lectures can be found this way. Visit the website, order your ticket and pay both online or in our shop!

Want to sell your own tickets on our platform? Not a problem! Contact us to ask your questions or make an appointment. We will walk you through the platform, how to make an account and how best to set up your event.

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    Take a look on our website for an overview of our upcoming events. Do you want your event on our website? Contact us now!

    FAQ Events

    How can I buy tickets?

    Buying tickets is possible in 2 ways.

    1. You can pay and retrieve your ticket at the OSD shop.
    2. You can order your ticket via the website en pay online. In that case you won’t receive a physical ticket but your name will be listed on the guestlist. (Unless stated otherwise)

    How do I enlist my event on the website?

    You can enlist your event yourself on the website and arrange the ticket sales. Just pass by for a quick explanation and demonstration of the platform and we’ll immediately create your account.

    If I sell tickets online, how will I receive the money?

    For all the physical tickets that are sold at OSD, OSD will receive the money. After the ticket sales have ended you can collect the money at OSD! For the tickets that are sold via the website are a variety of possibilities applicable. We’d love to discuss these several options when you pass by the shop!