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Second hand books

Alle tweedehandsboeken zijn hier te vinden!
For buyers
  • Online reservations
  • Pick up in shop or shipping

  • Pay by bank transfer
  • Quality control by OSD

For sellers
  • Online beheer aanbod
  • Enkel transactiekosten

  • Logistic organization by OSD

Curious which study material we currently have in stock?

All second-hand books can be found in our online ‘Shop’. Of course you can also simply drop by our physical shop.

The OSD is an initiative that originated from the student community with the aim of offering high-quality study material at student-friendly prices. Hereby we also want to pay attention to the ever-growing second-hand market in study materials.



    How can I sell/offer a book?

    Selling a book is very simple. Fill in the form on this page and bring your book into our shop. When the book is physically present in our shop, your offer will appear on the website. Once the book is sold you can have the money deposited in your account.

    TIP: Voeg een foto toe aan je aanbieding

    How much can I ask for my book?

    OSD strives to offer quality. In that respect, we will check the books that come in for traces of use.

    There are 4 categories:

    Perfect condition
    Used, without markings (pencil allowed)
    Used, with notes or fluo
    Poor condition or old
    Depending on this category, the book will be assigned a maximum value (based on the new price at a standard bookstore).

    Perfect condition: Maximum 80%
    Used, without markings (pencil allowed): Maximum 60%
    Used, with notes or fluo: Maximum 50%
    Bad condition or old: Maximum 30%

    I have offered my book, how do I receive the payment?

    The payment can only happen when your book has actually been sold. If you have entered your account number in the form, we will deposit the money in your account.

    I reserved a book, when can I pick it up?

    Books can only be collected after payment. You can pay for your book in several ways:

    In our physical shop via

    1. Cash
    2. Bancontact
    3. Online via Transfer
    4. Pay online