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OSD is an initiative that rose up from the student community with a clear purpose: providing qualitative summaries at student- friendly prices. Its origin goes back to 2011 when a group of students decided to merge several course services.

Today OSD offers a plethora of para- academic material: slides, summaries, readers, typical questions asked for a certain exam, extra articles, etc. Our way of work is one of cooperation, while making sure everyone gets enough help to achieve their academic career. The material we receive is maintained by student associations, who work constantly by our side.

Any questions about our service? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Sometimes it happens that someone does not pick up his course , or that there was accidentally a double order . Of course, we don’t like throwing them away . Therefore, we organize once a semester a stock sale for the remaining courses.

You can buy you’r required courses here at a really low price. ( € 1.00 – € 2.00 – € 3.00 ). Win win! follow our Facebook page and keep informed !



FAQ cursusdienst

How do I sign up?

You must first register with your VUB ID before you can access the platform. If you still have problems, you best contact us.

I placed my order, now how can I pay?

After completing your order, you can pay whit Cash or whit bankcontact at the store. You can also just overwrite from your seat at home !

I set an order, but I no longer see it in my account?

It can happen that an order ‘disappears’ from your overview-list. This usually means that your order is send to the printing-shop. Wait until the next day, is your order visible again? Great! Is it still gone? This can be a technical problem, but does not automatically means your order isn’t in progress. Contact us just to be sure 😉

How long does it take before I can pick up my order?

Your study material is only printed after we have received your payment. You will receive a email confirmation when you’re order is ready to be collected. Only then, you can come to the OSD-shop to collect your study material.

I received an email, can I pick up my order now?

Please beware! When you order an item, you will receive two mails. The first one is a payment receipt, the second is a confirmation that you can pick your order at the shop. So you’ll have to wait for the second one 😉

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    Together with our partners, we make it possible to propose study materials. Those partners collect the study materials, either from other students or from professors. If you too want to sell your study materials, you can contact us through the contact form.